Haribo Funtastic Mix USA 142g

Haribo Funtastic Mix USA 142g

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Haribo Funtastic Mix Peg Bag - 5oz (142g)

Funtastic Mix is a brand-new gummy treat that includes eight sweet flavours and more than 15 playful shapes, from dinosaurs to robots and flamingos to butterflies!

The eight sweet flavours and colours include Orange (orange), Blueberry (violet), Pineapple (white), Lemon (yellow), Black Currant (blue), Strawberry (pink), Apple (green) and Raspberry (red).

Inspired by imaginative adventures, the mix features multiple new characters and fan-favourite shapes including caterpillars, crocodiles, flamingos, chameleons, dinosaurs, pacifiers, planes, racing cars, robots and lemonade bottles, to name a few!! 

Imported from the USA.