Vidal Gummy Multicolour vegan Laces - 85g

Vidal Gummy Multicolour vegan Laces - 85g

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Vidal Gummy Multicolour Laces (Vegan) - 3oz (85g)

Vidal’s Gummy Multicolour Laces are a delightful splash of colour and flavour, perfectly embodying the brand’s expertise in creating fun and memorable treats. These long, slender strands of gummy candy come intertwined in an array of vibrant colours, making them a visual spectacle and instantly invoking memories of childhood sweet shops and playful candy concoctions.

Aesthetically, these laces are a treat for the eyes. Each strand, with its vivid hue, promises a unique flavour experience. From zesty oranges to deep berries, the palette is a rainbow of tantalizing tastes. When presented in a bowl or jar, the intertwining colours give an almost festive feel, beckoning one to dive in and untangle the delicious mess.

On the palate, the Gummy Multicolour Laces don't disappoint. They strike a balance between chewy and soft, ensuring a delightful texture that complements their flavour. Each lace offers its own distinct taste, making every bite an exploration. Whether enjoyed solo, used as a fun cake decoration, or shared during a movie night, Vidal's Gummy Multicolour Laces ensure a playful and flavourful experience that appeals to both the young and the young at heart.; Blue Raspberry (blue), Lemon (yellow), Apple (green) and Strawberry (red)!

Best of all, they're made with natural flavours and are vegan too!