About Us

Welcome to Isle Love Sweets. See what we did there? 😉 We are a classic sweet shop, with a modern quirky twist based on the sunny Isle of Wight.

It all started with a few boxes of sweets, a couple of mobile phones and Google maps! We started out just delivering, then we thought, where do we go from here? So we took the plunge and decided to open a shop.

We wanted our shop to be different from the run of the mill sweet shops, so we pooled the talents of local companies who worked on our amazing shop. They were given a blank canvas to work with, and they did it with style.

Everything is picked and packed in our 5 star hygiene rated premises, with over 1000 products to choose from! We have over 35+ years experience in the food industry and always maintain high standards.

Here at Isle Love Sweets you can choose exactly what you would like in your Pick 'N' Mix or if you can't decide we can choose for you. There are plenty to chose from with over 200+ varieties available. We also have a large selection of classic favourites and we specialise in imported treats, candy, snacks and drinks from around the globe.

So whether you fancy something sweet, savoury, weird or wonderful we have something for the kids, the grandparents and most importantly, YOU!